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Los Angeles adds more public toilets to help homeless on Skid Row

Los Angeles officials are attempting to help homeless on Skid Row in downtown L.A. with the addition of the new Skid Row Community ReFresh Spot hygiene center, a structure to serve homeless with showers, toilets and staff offering referrals to housing and services.

The restrooms also are a response to the fight against a statewide hepatitis A outbreak spread by poor hygiene in homeless camps that has killed more than a dozen people in San Diego.

They will have full-time attendants, called “ambassadors,” to monitor the restrooms and make people feel welcome.

The latest $450,000 facility will have eight toilets and six showers, operating four days a week, in a trailer on a city-owned parking lot between two homeless housing and service agencies. In addition to attendants, the toilets will be monitored by a maintenance crew and security.

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Gas Pipe Repair and why it matters to you

A natural gas leak is a potentially hazardous situation. The most obvious sign that you will need to call Rocket Plumbing for a Gas Pipe Repair is by smell. We recommend you immediately go to to a safe location and immediately call us, at anytime day or night.

Some plumbers even specialize in the natural gas line engineering, and specialize in only installing natural gas lines for a variety of home projects. We can install or repair water heaters, HVAC systems, fireplaces, stoves and even outdoor grills, all things that are susceptible to gas leaks. All our plumbing contractors are licensed and are preselected before being hired at Rocket Plumbing to be fully capable of tackling any gas repair problems.

What to Do if You Suspect a Natural Gas Leak? If you smell a natural gas odor, and trust us, it should be OBVIOUS it’s gas by that smell, or maybe you hear the hissing sound of gas escaping or see other signs of a leak: IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE the area. Treat it like a Plumbing EMERGENCY, not a routine repair.  And please, definitely DON’T smoke, or light a match, candle or other flame.

What you can expect to pay for various gas leak repairs? Repairing or replacing a gas line to a single appliance usually costs anywhere from about $150 to $650. That includes labor and materials. Replacing the gas line running to the house costs $3,000 to $7,000 in most cases (labor and materials). Keep in mind, we offer the Best Los Angeles Plumber Coupon which will take $49 off the top of any project that exceeds the $200 minimum, which is well under typical gas leak repair jobs.

Most people will assign a plumber to two categories, commercial and residential plumbers, and will limit their options to calling one or the other. Our plumbers are all licensed in both categories, precisely because gas leak repair is so crucial, sometimes even life saving, service.

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Plumbing Systems that we service

Any utility consisting of the pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas in a building and for the disposal of sewage counts as a Plumbing System. Modern engineering innovations have added further specificity and specialization such that they deserve special attention from every plumber worth their salt.  Plumbing in the state of California is regulated and all licensed plumbers should be informed on the latest technology and standards about these important systems.

Water Supply System

A home’s water supply system routes municipal water from the street to the building, where it then is routed to faucets, showers, toilets, bathtubs, and other appliances such as the water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine.

This is done mostly with water pipes, fittings, service valves, and faucets. Plastic, copper, or galvanized iron are the materials used for these pipes. Lead, although used in ancient times and the root word that lead to the word Plumber, is no longer used because of it’s toxicity. Modern pipes range in diameter anywhere from 1/2 inch to 4 inches or even more.

Drain-Waste-Vent System

What are the typical Vents & Drains in Home Plumbing?

The most important system is the drain-waste-vent (DWV) system. The important task the drain-waste part of the system handles is carrying away the waste water and sewage from the sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and water-using appliances into the septic tank or public sewer.

Key to the plumbing systems working correctly is venting sewage gases properly to keep the correct pressure on fluids and gases so that drianage is correct and dependable.

The most common problem that comes up with the Drain-Waste-Vent System are clogged drains. Because the system resides in the walls, beneath floors and/or in attics, they are often overlooked by property owners. Routine inspections are necessary to stay on top of the health of the system.

Kitchen Plumbing System

Key to most property owners’ kitchens include the accessibility of hot and cold water flowing to the faucets, with a properly functioning waste line for the sinks. Many of these kitchen sinks are also connected to the dishwasher, garbage disposals, icemakers in refrigerators. These connected systems elevate the need for constant inspection of the Kitchen Plumbing systems to ensure cooking and cleaning is trouble free and maybe most important of all, FAST!

If you ever have a plumbing emergency, Rocket Plumbing is happy to get there right away and repair it to your satisfaction.

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Home Plumbing

Home plumbing emergencies by nature catch you off-guard. They are difficult to be prepared for at all times. The need for these Home plumbing repairs are almost always at the most inconvenient moments, aren’t they?

Rocket Plumbing California is here to help!

Maybe you arrived at this page because you have guests coming over and find yourself with an overflowing toilet or a clogged sink drain that needs urgent repair? We handle these issues every day!

We specialize in handling whatever plumbing issues arising at home so that you don’t have to worry at all because we got your back!

Do you need a new bathtub or shower installed in and around West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach or Venice? Then contact us and we will be there in no time!

At our company, we understand that plumbing troubleshooting is quite an integral part of making successful repairs — in fact, it is the first step in the entire process of finding a solution for your plumbing issues. If the correct cause is not identified from the very beginning, then you might end up spending a lot of time, money and effort on a process that will go nowhere.

And this is where we come in!

By finding the symptoms early enough, we diagnose the right causal factor of your plumbing problems and quickly get to work on your home plumbing repair or replacement. Once we are done with this part, we assure you that your problem is as good as finished. We will have it fixed in no time!

Our company has offered these services for years; we are fully aware of our art!

We specialize in offering you all the home plumbing services you may be in need of. We have a team of honest and reliable plumbers that will handle all your plumbing needs in the most professional way.

With our company, rest assured that your home plumbing needs will be accomplished to the highest of professional standards just like you would expect from a highly reputable plumbing company of our caliber.

But in case you have any complaint at all, then don’t hesitate to raise your issue with us and we will be glad to help. We go for nothing less than absolute customer satisfaction for all our clients!

Don’t fret over your home plumbing problems anymore, just call us and we will be there in no time to take care of all of them!

Among our company’s specializations also include the installation of new home plumbing elements in and around the Los Angeles area. So, in case you are searching for a plumbing firm to upgrade your current faucets, toilets, sinks, bathtubs and/or showers or you have been frustrated by your past plumbers, then here we are for that task!

Home Plumbing Services

If you look around your house right now, you may be surprised to find that you have a plumbing disaster or two waiting to happen anytime. It could be a toilet that isn’t always working as it should; maybe some slow drains; or perhaps a slight leak under the kitchen sink; or another kind of plumbing issue that you could be ignoring without knowing how bad it can turn out to be in a few days or weeks. All these are warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore. Just make a call to us today and book for an appointment. Avoid last minute repairs that could cost you a dime.

We will offer you all the home plumbing services you need to prevent any major plumbing problem from happening in your home. Being an expert plumbing company, we have gathered together a professional team that is trained and has experience in troubleshooting any plumbing problems you may be experiencing at home. We will fix all your issues in a timely manner with as little inconvenience as is humanly possible.

Our expert plumbing contractors are available 24/7 for services that include:

– Kitchen plumbing repair

– Bathroom plumbing repair

– Trenchless sewer line repair

– Shower installation

– Replace bathtubs

– Backflow prevention

– Unclogging drains

– Re-piping

– Re-locating lines

Choosing us as your preferred Los Angeles home plumbing company guarantees you peace of mind since our staffed contractors make use of top-notch and updated technology when diagnosing and troubleshooting any plumbing problems you may be having at home. We fix all your drains, toilets, tubs, showers and kitchen plumbing issues without any hassle. We use a camera diagnostics system to detect and determine the exact location of leaks in your plumbing lines, in the end getting everything fixed with the least disruption to your property.

This technology saves you both time and money because we locate any trouble areas in record time, repair or replace them before they can cause major leaks or flood your house and disrupt everything. Our team of plumbers is competent, professional and reliable. We will provide you with state-of-the-art service for any plumbing job you give us.

Home plumbing company you can depend on?

Have any leaking faucets? It could be leading to the loss of up to 20 gallons of your water every day, water that you pay for! Don’t postpone getting that small drip fixed. Just get an appointment with one of our plumbing contractors and we will be there in no time to have it handled. After all, why lose money to pay for water being wasted via a leaky faucet yet you could spend it in better ways?

Being one of the highest rated and reviewed home plumbing companies in the Los Angeles area as well as the country at large, we fully understand the concept of hard work and value quite well. We will ensure that no money goes out of your pocket and down the drain for no reason at all!

It doesn’t matter the time you realize that you have a plumbing problem in your house, just call us and book an appointment with our technicians — any time — in the evening, over the weekend, on a holiday, 24/7!

Allow us to be that Los Angeles plumbing company that puts a smile on your face. Our plumbers will take the burden of bad home plumbing off your shoulders in no time: diagnosing for any plumbing issues in your home plumbing system, doing any necessary repairs, replacements and installations and any other task that concerns your home plumbing needs and services!

Rocket Plumbing… we actually pick up when you call!


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Residential Plumbing Services For Los Angeles

Rocket Plumbing is proud to offer the complete and full range of plumbing services from sewer inspection, drain cleaning, toilet repair and replacement to even cutting edge leak detection. Recent water shortages here in California in general, and Los Angeles specifically, mean sprinkler systems and their maintenance are more important than ever. Don’t overlook sump pumps and the appliances in your bathroom and kitchen that are attached to your plumbing systems to.  The most common issue in both the bathroom and the kitchen?  A leaky or busted faucet.

Our team of expert plumbers who drive out fleet of smartly branded plumbing vans arrive equipped with all of the necessary parts for the job. All our vans are restocked at least nightly, so that we can be prepared to fix your plumbing emergency then and there upon arrival.

If you’re in Los Angeles and you have a a leak, an annoying clog, or you’ve got no hot water for showering or cooking or even a big problem like a burst main, we can and will repair it. You can even call us 24/7!

We have tailored our plumbing service to cater to convenience and personable service. All our plumbers are licensed to California’s highest standards, as well as being screened by the owner Brian McMahon.

Rocket Plumbing… we actually pick up when you call!

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Plumbing Tips That Are Helpful To Anyone

If you are a homeowner and you have water issues, it can be a very daunting task. There is not a lot besides a natural disaster that can damage a house more than a huge plumbing problem. Luckily, homeowners have a lot of ways to avoid plumbing issues and ways to minimize the effects of those issues when they happen. plumbers chesapeake It’s a bad idea to makes use of toilet tablets composed of bleach or in the color blue, or in fact any one designed to remove odors. While they are good at removing odors, they have a detrimental effect on the parts of the toilet that are rubber. This can make it not function correctly and may even break it.

If the drain on your washer overflows, use a pipe snake to try to clear the clog. Every now and then, lint and other tiny washing machine items can build within the pipe, which can cause it to back up or clog.

If you notice that your plumbing systems are getting old, replace the parts that you need to. There are stop-gap repair measures including foams and the like, but those are meant to be temporary fixes. Buy and install new parts for the best results.

To avoid expensive, messy complications, it’s always best if you perform maintenance on your water heater annually, namely around those winter months. This can save money on your utilities because your hot water won’t work quite as hard to make the water warm.

To limit toilet problems, don’t use it as a trash can. For example, don’t flush sanitary pads or diapers down your toilet. These items can clog the pipes. Reduce your use of toilet paper if you notice frequent clogs.

Every member of your household needs a little plumbing knowledge, most especially where the shut-off valves are in your house, and how and when to use them. You should know the ways to stop the water from flowing throughout your room and all over the floor, sure to cause damage. If your family knows how to turn off the water, the water flow can be stopped.

If your washing machine drain overflows, try using a run of the mill pipe snake in it. It’s common for debris and lint to accumulate in the pipe, creating a clog.

If you get grout stuck in the plumbing, it’s going to be very difficult to remove by yourself. The grout can be broken up and sent further down. This works best with plastic pipes as opposed to metal. However, this will most likely require a professional to do the job.

Being educated and prepared will help you to avoid plumbing issues. If you own a home and know the basics when it comes to plumbing, you are more likely to make necessary repairs when the need arises. Furthermore, taking the initiative to thoroughly research and study the problem in advance of making repairs will save time and money.




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